Thursday, June 18, 2009

New West Hollywood 21st Century Landmark

Written by Esteban “Steven” Escobar, Diversity News Publications Staff
Proof Read by Don Hudson, Diversity News Publications Special Contributor

After almost two years being closed due to an electrical fire. Micky’s Bar opened again all transformed as the new 21st Century Landmark. The club opened it is doors on April 23, 2009, but the Official Grand Re-Opening Ceremony was held on June 10, 2009 from 4pm to 10pm. The theme for the Official Grand Re-Opening was Circus Extravaganza. It was decorated with balloons, clown at the main entrance door and even featured real Go-go clowns, Scantily-Clad Performers and much more.

On the Official Grand Re-Opening Micky’s management and staff shared in a press conference with members of the media, government officials and club patrons what did happen to the club on the wild terrible evening of August 21, 2007 when the fire started.

Special dedication recognition was given to the West Hollywood Fire Department. John Duran, West Hollywood Council Member made the official declaration for Micky’s to be opened again for business. Micky’s management, staff with government officials pose for the Ribbon cutting ceremony (Ribbon made up of AussieBum Undies). The VIP party was held on the 2nd floor where free drinks and food snacks was served. Afterward the celebration continued on the first floor from 7 pm to 10 pm where again free drinks and food snacks was served to VIP and their guests and even feature some wild live entertainment. Unfortunately, somebody gave orders to bartenders to start charging regular prices around 8:30 pm without announcing to the VIP and their guests.

In a press release issue by Mike Stommel of WAGNER/JUNKER AGENCY. Designer Dean Larkin stated “This is a 21st century nightclub for a 21st century scene”. Mr. Larkin is credited with designing award winning projects such as Farmer’s Daughter Motel as well as homes for celebrities like Lily Tomlin, Jane Wagner and John Fogerty.
Micky’s used to be named, “The Four Star,” around 1933, then it was purchased on 1988 by Michael Neymeyer co-owner and he named “Micky’s.”

“For more than two decades Micky’s has been gay L.A.’s hottest community bar.” Said Michael Neymeyer, Micky’s owner. He concluded “ Times have changed and so have we; we’re excited to re-introduce our landmark space and revved-up attitude to everyone looking for a new nightclub experience.”

Micky’s is located at 8857 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood, CA 90069. They are open for business: Mondays to Thursdays 4pm – 2am, Fridays 4pm – 4am, Saturdays 11am – 4am and Sundays 11am – 2am. For more information call @ (310) 657-1176 or for more information about events and menu feature visit website: http://www.micky’
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