Tuesday, June 23, 2009

“PEREZ HILTON, The price to pay for been a famous celebrity gossip Blogger”

By Esteban "Steven" Escobar, Diversity News Publications ____________________________________________________

Celebrity gossip blogger, Perez Hilton posted on his blog on 6-22-2009 as his real name: Mario Lavandeira a video of the attack from Polo Molina, Black Eyed Peas manager.


The video lasted about 12 minutes where Perez calls Will.I.Am “Disgusting Human Being.”
Perez appears to be very emotional and upset at the Black Eyed Peas on his video. He was in Toronto, Canada for the MuchMusic Awards as a presenter.

He mentions he does not need PRESS because his website has 10 millions + hits every day. He explains on the video the Will.I.Am confronted him while leaving Cobra Club after party.

TMZ.COM reports: “Hilton claims Will and his manager, Polo, followed him outside the club -- and then Polo punched him in the head "2 or 3 times."

Perez ended crying at the end of the video and disagrees of what did happen to him. __________________________________________________________
Editor Note: Diversity News Publications Staff, contacted him but as date of this story no response yet. If we heard from him we will add an update to this shocking and unacceptable incident. Mr. Hilton needs to hire a body guard when he is in public. I know he is not likeable by some people, but that do not give any one the right to attack him.



Violence is never the answer. It perpetuates the notion that hurting someone will fix a situation. It never does.
That being said,Perez hilton has caused more harm and hurt with his evil vile writings and nasty perverse etchings and doodles, than any black eye ever could.
He has for no reason other than personal gain, written, blogged, and treated people so cruelly on his website that it is disgraceful.
The word "F" is never appropriate and if used in West Hollywood would be treated as a hate incident. Not a hate crime but a hate incident. For this alone he should be apologizing to his own community. As well, he should be appologizing for the absolute horror of posting private pictures of one of our very own heroes. Perez has so much to learn. Maybe he will , maybe he won't. boycott him, yes. Hit him....well i won't be, but i can't speak for everyone else.

BLOG READEAR - Jimmy Palmieri, West Hollywood Gay and Lesbian advisory board member & Founder of The Tweakers Project


"I think Perez Hilton is an obnoxious, opportunitistic, smarmy worm. He's an embarrassment to the GLBT population, to boot. If he was wrongfully injured, I condemn the behavior. If Perez provoked the B.E.P. manager in his true to form relentless manner, something like this was bound to happen. And Perez will play it for all the publicity he can garner. Not a good person."



Very shocking of what happen to Perez Hilton on 6-21-2009 after the MuchMusic Awards after party on Toronto Canada. He do not deserve that. We wish he is doing good and take care of him self.

~Esteban "Steven" Escobar, Diversity News Publications